Micheál ( Michael John) Ó Ceadagáin owns and operates Gaisceanan boat trips from Cape Clear Island. An Islander himself, with a long family history connected to the Island. He has years of experience fishing in these waters and touring the surrounding Islands, so who better to show you around this beautiful spot in Roaring water bay then the big man himself.

Enjoy an afternoon pottering between the calf Islands and watching the locals have a beach gathering!


Or taking a trip out to see the iconic Fastnet Lighthouse. An event not to be missed and one you will look back on in years to come with fond memories.


If bird watching is what you fancy, then take a trip around the Island and view the many species of migratory birds which are attracted to its climate, which is milder than the mainland.[10] Birdlife includes black and common guillemotscormorants and storm petrels.


Fishing trips can also be accommodated by Gaisceanan Boat Trips. If you enjoy spending the afternoon out catching your dinner, then Micheál ( Michael John) is the man for the job!


Look forward to welcoming you to the southernmost inhabited part of the island of Ireland, Cape Clear Island. We promise to send you home with a smile on your face and a bucket load of memories to cherish.

See you soon!